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The Senior Eco-Nect project had as one of its objectives to produce a Joint Action Plan of 5 years after project’s closure. In this, Senior Eco-Nect partners affirm their willingness to commit on the long term to set-up and develop innovative ecosystems dedicated to silver economy. This commitment implies the search for additional resources, in particular funding, which will make it possible to implement this action plan

This Joint Action Plan is the final result of the Senior Eco-Nect project. All the activities and deliverables produced during the project has nurtured it. Thanks to those learnings, this Action Plan includes activities that are accurately focused on the challenges and opportunities in the silver economy sector. The actions planned cover a wide range of areas, including healthcare, independent living and housing, active ageing, lifelong learning, tourism, leisure, sports, etc.

This Joint Action Plan allows the activities to expand to new ecosystems, to integrate new sectors and actors. Thus, the Action Plan aims at strengthening the effects of Senior Eco-nect on silver economy ecosystems in terms of growth, efficiency, inclusivity and interconnectivity.

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