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The market study is produced for Senior Eco-Nect project which aims to provide a complemented study of the silver economy ecosystem at the EU level.  

The market study investigated the current silver economy and related market via an analysis and reflection at both the EU level and selected member state level on the current status of the ageing population, performance of economic, and health and social indicators. The rapid growth on the ageing population, the inevitable change to the population structure, the current standing of older people in the labour market, and their reported status and consumption on the health care and social related sectors, such as tourism, were revealed and analysed in the market study.  

The market study also provided an overview of the silver economy development through an analysis and review on the public and private expenditure, and needs on labour market, health care sector, long-term care sector and education sector. Moreover, it looked into the current development status of enterprises and SMEs in the silver economy.  

The market study also referred to the SWOT analysis in order to produce the reflections on the current and future silver economy development from the stakeholders’ perspectives. The highlights of the perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which were reported by majority of respondents from the four survey regions were discussed in the market study. With the reference to the secondary data in the market and the primary data from the SWOT analysis, a silver economy outlook was also conducted to reveal the perceived potentials of the silver economy. 

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