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Stakeholders’ outreach, inclusion, and interconnection strategy is part of the Senior Eco-Nect (SEN) Project deliverables. This WP focuses on the elaboration of a European map of stakeholders in the Silver economy sector with three main objectives:
  1. Identifying the key innovation players of ecosystems and in silver economy, in particular, with potential to integrate silver economy ecosystems.
  2. To identify and connect with less integrated and less interconnected stakeholders.
  3. Ensuring inclusivity and interconnectivity between all types of key innovation stakeholders in silver economy through strategic planning.
To achieve these objectives, mapping of key stakeholders and type of organisations involved in the silver economy in Europe (or with the potential to be involved) was carried out by partners at a regional and a European level. As indicated in D3.2, the categorization of organizations was achieved through a Quadruple Helix approach, consistent with the methodology employed for the project’s SWOT Analysis. The Quadruple Helix includes the following groups:
  • Public authorities & policy makers (EU, national, regional, and local level)
  • Industries and other professionals (SMEs, larger companies, professionals working with older people, healthcare professionals…)
  • Academia (universities, research organizations, training providers…)
  • Civil society and end-users organizations (organization; associations; seniors; general public, sport associations…)
  • Other innovation actors (clusters, incubators, innovation hubs, living labs, business angels, investors; purchaser…)
A detailed sectoral breakdown of the maps solutions/organizations was chosen:
  • Health and Care
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Sport / Exercise
  • SMART or Technological
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Nutrition
  • Other
During the mapping phase, partners connected with stakeholders that were either new to their outreach, or less integrated in their ecosystems. To make this possible, a strategy was devised that ensured the most inclusivity of ecosystems, for all type of stakeholders and will also address the stakeholders’ connection needs and barriers through individual meetings and surveys. This strategy fed the production of the Handbook (WP2), with recommendations on how to make silver economy innovation ecosystem more inclusive and interconnected.

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